Nurse Advocate Line

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Nurse Advocate Line

The Nurse Advocate Line serves as a health information and educational service, sounding board, and referral and recommendation resource. Medical Rehabilitation Consultants’ specially trained registered nurses will listen to the insured member, address their concerns and questions, and discuss the issues and options as they relate to their medical concerns. The nursing staff will provide the insured members with feedback and support to their health care questions and let them know if there are possible alternatives and any available options – all of which are explained to them.

Besides the obvious benefit of an additional resource to your insured members, this service will identify potential medical issues that may require immediate attention by the member or referral to a medical case manager. Avenues of early intervention can lead to preventing a large claim.

Any insurance group, self-insured program, or employer may consider this program for their members or retirees as an added low-cost benefit.

If you have already been assigned a Nurse Consultant you can reach them by calling (509) 328-9700 or toll-free at (800) 827-5058. Operational office hours are 7:00 AM through 6:00 PM Pacific Time on weekdays. Each call is personally answered by our office staff and relayed immediately to your Nurse Consultant. During holidays, weekends, and non-working hours, all calls are answered by our voice messaging system. A phone number is given in the event of an emergency during these times.

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