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Self-insured health plans are regulated under the federal law (ERISA) which stands for Employee Retirement Income Security Act. At MRC, a sizeable portion of our customer base operate as self-insured group health plans (or a ‘self-funded’ plan as it is also called) where the employer assumes the financial risk for providing health care benefits to its employees. Self-insured employers set up special trust funds to pay incurred claims. As a result, these employers rely on MRC to provide cost containment services that can at times prevent over utilization of services.

MRC’s team members also work with stop-loss carriers so that our clients maintain predictable financial results.
In working with the self-fund employers, their employees, and their various trading partners such as the stop loss carriers. MRC deploys medical case management, utilization management, disease management, predictive modeling, and billing reviews to combat unnecessary medical care and expenses.

MRC also works with the trusts who pay the incurred claims. Our knowledge of medical issues, rehabilitation procedures and lifelong care needs can provide valuable information in determining the appropriate needs and expenditures of an individual. MRC also serves as short-term consultants to assist with obtaining necessary services, resources, care, and equipment with the appropriate use of trust funds or individual funds and negotiating costs to preserve the funds.

Self-insured employers look to MRC not just to curb healthcare costs, but to advocate for their employees when they are indeed of medical case management.

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