Disease Management

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Disease Management

Medical Rehabilitation Consultants utilizes a systematic, integrated approach to identify those at risk for a particular chronic disease. Based upon the diseases identified for a specific insured group, as well as those diseases that are common, this education-based program will provide education to your members in written and verbal format. A toll-free telephone number is provided for the members to talk with our registered nurses. Our professional medical staff will address the member’s questions and concerns and provide them with information and resources to fully understand their illness.

We provide self-care and coping strategies that optimize all resources, involve patient in support groups or organizations that provide continuing education, counseling and fellowship, and encourage compliance with a prescribed medical and/or nursing regimen. Part of our role is to motivate the members and care givers to commit to playing an effective role in managing their condition. This allows a more prospective approach to managing a disease, improving the likelihood of altering its natural history. Thus, exacerbations of the disease can be can be prevented or reduced in frequency and severity.

Major disease concerns can include: asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Selection of diseases to specifically manage within your program can be determined by cost, frequency of diagnosis, incidence/prevalence, and/or opportunity for improvement.

The disease management program is a natural extension of the utilization management and medical case management programs and can also provide you with large dividends with a healthier population and cost containment within your benefits plan.

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