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The medical maze can be confusing at best, and even more so when you have worries and fears for yourself or a family member due to an illness or injury. Suppose you have a question about your health care or you have concerns about your treatment. Perhaps you’re not experiencing the results you think you should. In Addition to Utilization Review, Medical Rehabilitation Consultants (MRC) provides Medical Case Management/Nurse Consulting Assistance at no cost to you through your benefit plan.

We think of ourselves as patient advocates. Our goal is to work within your plan of benefits to be sure you get the very best care while effectively utilizing those benefits. The benefit plan provides these services free of charge to participants as a way to help your benefits go farther. MRC helps you receive quality care – and often saves money for both you and your benefit plan.

The Medical Case Management Program

Participants with respiratory disease, diabetes, heart disease or cancer, and those who have had organ transplants, extensive injuries, burns or cardiac surgery are just a few of those who have benefited from our medical case management services.  The goal of the Medical Case Management program is to help the participant return to maximum function and get back to work/school/home as soon as possible.

The program provides individuals with a medical case manager, always a registered nurse, who provides:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your situation
  • Health care coordination between your providers
  • Information about treatment options
  • Assistance with using your benefits efficiently
  • Negotiation for lower costs with non-preferred providers

It’s not our job to interfere with your care, but to help you get the best care available within your plan benefits.

Anyone with an ongoing health condition, or who has experienced a catastrophic illness or injury, is a candidate for this optional, no-cost program through your Benefit Plan.

For more information, call Medical Rehabilitation Consultants at (800) 827-5058 or (509) 328-9700.

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