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MRC is a Medical Management and Utilization Management Organization

Medical Rehabilitation Consultants , LLC (MRC) provides a full range of cost containment and utilization management services throughout the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Our customers include insurance companies, self-insured employers, employee benefits consultants, Taft-Hartley trusts, third party administrators, public self-insured programs, city, county, and state agencies, attorneys, and private individuals for accident & health, disability, liability, and worker’s compensation claims as well as all issues relating to elder care management.

What We Do

Medical Cost Containment & Medical Management

Medical Case Management

Medical Case Management is defined as the timely coordination of medical care to meet an individual’s healthcare needs and maximize the use of benefit dollars while supporting a quality medical treatment plan. It involves review of the whole picture of the participant’s health and medical status, problems, treatment necessary, treatment being given and alternatives to care. It also includes a review of the cost of services, drugs, equipment, supplies; price negotiation; and long-term cost estimates. Medical Rehabilitation Consultants provides management of medical treatment plans for individuals who require coordination of illness or injury.
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Cost Containment & Improved Outcomes

Medical Cost Management

The purpose of medical utilization review is to target and medically manage the benefit plan’s most costly services by determining medical necessity, reviewing the proposed plan of treatment for medical appropriateness, determining whether the requested medical services should be provided and exploring if alternative options have been considered that may be less costly and/or more effective. Effective utilization review results in improved benefit utilization, immediate cost containment and improved care and early identification of potential high-dollar and high-risk procedures and services for referral to medical case management.
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Who We Serve

Medical Cost Containment & Medical Management

ERISA Self Insured Employers

Medical Rehabilitation Consultants provides management of medical treatment plans for your participating employees and their families who require coordination of catastrophic illness or injury, and for those who need assistance with management of chronic illness or complicated diagnostic or treatment problems. Medical case management services are based on referrals from the benefit plan administrator and cases identified through utilization review and disease management programs.
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Medical Cost Containment & Medical Management

Benefit Consultants and TPAs

MRC is able to maintain complete objectivity with the freedom and ability to customize our programs to fit the changing needs of our clients benefit plans, consultants, members and plan administrators. We are intensely focused on containing costs, adding value, and improving care for our clients. Our business is purposely concentrated on improving care by coordinating and managing the medical care of the injured and ill, which adds value to the benefit plan by containing costs.
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Medical Cost Containment & Medical Management

Medicaid Plans

Medical Rehabilitation Consultants provides nurse case management consulting and social worker services to assist Medicaid health plans in caring for their member population. We deliver person-centered medical case management regardless of the member’s social determinants of heath. One of our long-term objectives when possible is to have members become contributing members of their local community.

When we improve access to care and support the health goals of the member community, the quality of life for the member increases as a result.
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Who We Serve

Its all about


It’s been our privilege supporting customers across the US for over 25 years.  We continually strive to improve and innovate our services to best meet our customers’ ongoing challenges.

We are committed to the highest quality work product and aspire to exceed our industry’s expectations.


We are confident that we provide our customers the best price with the highest quality results of all Medical Management Companies.

Medical Cost Containment

With Results

Medical Knowledge
Our goals are to provide outstanding Medical Utilization services , applying medical practice and financial knowledge to improve our customers’ process, outcomes and financial results.

We are a leader in providing Case Management, Utilization  Review, Bill Review and Peer Review applying medical knowledge and financial best practices to benefit our customers.

Our team of Certified Nurse and Physician Specialists are an extension of our customers’ quality assurance and compliance requirements to help to continuously improve medical outcomes.

MRC Customers

Our Happy Clients

What Our clients Say

MRC Customer

“I have been in a position to work with a number of utilization review/ case management firms. It has been my experience that Medical Rehabilitation Consultants, LLC, is one of the highest-ranked companies in regard to their business ethics and professionalism.

MRC Customer

Marc S.
MRC Customer

“I realize how busy your company must be, dealing with patients on a daily basis, but I had to take time out of my very busy day to express my gratitude to your company for having such great employees.

MRC Customer

Valerie L.
MRC Customer

“I have been consulting for self-funded group health plans in Alaska since 1985 and have handled groups ranging in size from 60 to 1,500 covered employees.  Of all the utilization review case management firms I have dealt with, MRC is head and shoulders above the competition.”

MRC Customer

Bruce G.
MRC Customers

Without the help of the MRC Nurse Consultant, I know the patient would not have received and continued to receive, the well-coordinated care he is getting.   The MRC Nurse Consultant has prevented more than one hospitalization, a number of emergency room visits, multiple visits to doctors, and poly prescription abuse. I feel she has delivered ongoing excellent care for her clients as well as saving the insurance company thousands of dollars in expenses.

MRC Customers

Thomas T. M.D. & Penny T. Office Manager
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