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Better Baby Program

Baby in a papasan chair

Medical Rehabilitation Consultants has instituted a valuable benefit which can be included with the precertification/preauthorization review for monitoring all of your pregnant members. The program goals and our focus are on healthy outcomes. This program is a natural extension of the Utilization Management program and provides early identification of potential high-risk pregnancies.

Our nursing staff requests that all pregnant clients notify them as soon as the diagnosis of pregnancy is made. Monthly, our utilization review or case management nurse will contact the pregnant member to ascertain how the pregnancy is progressing, answer any questions or concerns, and provide extensive education and support for good prenatal care. Our professional nurses will establish a relationship which allows for direction of services if the pregnant member develops complications.

The member is encouraged to call Medical Rehabilitation Consultants with any questions or concerns any time during and after the pregnancy. Once the member has delivered, a follow-up call is made to provide additional information and support for them with regard to postpartum and child care.

The high level of personal interest taken by our professional staff shows your insured members that they are being looked after and taken care of. The success of this personalized attention is nearly always expressed as gratitude back to the employer, the utilization review nurses, and the plan administrator.

Members who are determined to be in a high risk category or have complications are referred for medical case management.

The goals for the Better Baby program include:

  • Improvement of pregnancy outcomes and life circumstances for the infant
  • Early identification of high-risk pregnancy
  • Provide education, emotional support, and share understanding with the expectant mothers (and new mothers) of all issues relating to taking steps to improving the health and safety of the infant and mother
  • Earliest possible identification of eligible pregnant members
  • Efficient and cost effective utilization of services
  • Prevention of maternal and fetal complications during pregnancy and infancy
  • Provide education directed toward prevention of abuse and neglect of expectant and new mothers and infants
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